Historic Contexts and Thematic National Register Nominations


CHAD maintains an extensive collection of research and documentary materials for more than 1,000 historic sites and structures in the Mid-Atlantic region. The collection includes measured drawings, photographs, and narrative histories, as well as other resources for building research and a study collection of architectural materials. The collection is open for research and reference to students, the preservation community, and the general public.

Recent Submissions

  • Sheppard, Rebecca J.; Toney, Kimberly; Koch, Rebecca; Greene, Keonna; Olsen, Allison; Selway, Rachel; Downes, Rebecca; Bunce, Emily; Laurel, Sarah; Protokowicz, Elizabeth; Triandos, Ted; Fangman, Ann; Joshi, Mili (2010-09-27)
    The current study, conducted by CHAD and funded by the National Park Service through the URCD, initially began with two straight-forward research objectives: 1) to uncover the role of free black communities in the Underground ...
  • Sheridan, Janet L. (2010-06-14)
    Salem County possesses a tangible legacy of public poor relief. This legacy is embodied in a landmark building known as the Salem County Insane Asylum. It is the survivor of a pair of brick buildings known in more recent ...
  • Sheppard, Rebecca J.; Andrzejewski, Anna; McCarthy, Deidre C. (2010-02-26)
    In response to demographic pressures, changing agricultural practices, and the influence of agricultural reform writers, central Delaware farmers began to develop new strategies for dealing with married agricultural ...
  • Herman, Bernard L.
    As called for in the Nebraska "Request for Comment," this position paper on vernacular architecture and the RP3 seeks to address: First, thetheoretical concerns of your discipline relative to the identification and ...
  • Ames, David L. (Center for Historic Architecture and Design, 2009-07-21)
    The proposed Western Sussex Scenic and Historic Highway extends 22.2 miles along several roads in western Sussex County, from the exit for Bridgeville Road on US 13 to the point where Market St. in Laurel rejoins US 13. ...
  • Jicha, III., Hubert F.; Bensinger, Trish; Macintire, William (1984)
  • Center for Historic Architecture and Design (1984)
    Maple Grove Farm is located on the south side of route 299 .8 miles east of Middletown. It is set in an environment of cultivated fields and a modern court of farm buildings. The house is set off the south side of the road ...
  • Bensinger, Trish; Jicha, III., Hubert F. (1984)
  • Belleview 
    Jicha, III., Hubert F.; Bensinger, Trish (1984)
  • Bensinger, Trish; Jicha, III., Hubert F. (1984)
  • Jicha, III., Hubert F.; Bensinger, Trish; Macintire, William (1984)
  • Herman, Bernard L.; Macintire, William (1984)
  • Shimp, Jane; Macintire, William (1984)
  • Jicha, III., Hubert F.; Bensinger, Trish (1984)
  • Catts, Wade (1984)
  • Cherry, Paul (1984)
  • Bensinger, Trish (1984)
  • Bensinger, Trish (1984)
  • Jicha, III., Hubert F.; Bensinger, Trish (1984)
  • Jicha, III., Hubert F. (1984)

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