The Almshouse and Insane Asylum: Salem County's Landmarks and Legacy of Poor Relief

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Salem County possesses a tangible legacy of public poor relief. This legacy is embodied in a landmark building known as the Salem County Insane Asylum. It is the survivor of a pair of brick buildings known in more recent times as the Lakeview Complex and the County Home,situated on the County Farm in Mannington Township. The Salem County Almshouse was the other of these two significant, related buildings, but it was lost in April, 2007. Late efforts to let a stabilization contract and raise funding were met with disappointment, and it began collapsing in on itself after years of neglect. The surviving Insane Asylum has been nominated to the National Register of Historic Places, and that nomination documents that building primarily. This paper evolved out of an effort to nominate both buildings which preceded the demolition of the Almshouse. It documents the broader historic context and the architecture of both buildings.
Salem County, New Jersey, Almshouse, Salem County Insane Asylum, Brick construction, Mannington township, New Jersey, Greek Revival, 1845, Date of Construction