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The series consists of ten volumes published in 1973 which have as their overall purpose to report upon the present state of knowledge concerning the Delaware Bay system. The system is understood to include both natural and socio-economic elements; thus it covers topics from history and land use through physics, chemistry and biology of the bay.


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    Phylum mollusca : a guide to the mollusca of the Delaware Bay region
    (Newark, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware., 1976) Leathem, Wayne; Maurer, Donald
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    Economic and Social Aspects of Delaware's Coastal Zone
    (Newark, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware., 1973) Goodman, Joel Myron
    In this volume the economic and social aspects of Delaware's coastal zone are considered from several different viewpoints. The first section develops a management and regulatory perspective. This is followed by two sections which deal with historical and contemporary perspectives, placing emphasis upon general industrial and social development, and the evolution of transportation, recreation, and commercial fisheries. The closing section of the volume considers a planning perspective and looks briefly into development issues involved in the future economic and social development of the Coastal Zone.
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    Comprehensive bibliography on Delaware Bay
    (Newark, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware., 1973) Plunguian, Mark; Fothergill, Robert E.; Longenbach, Anne H.; Cook, Evelyn
    This series is completed by a comprehensive indexed bibliography on all aspects of the Delaware Estuarine system.
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    Baseline study plans
    (Newark, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware., 1973) Polis, Dennis F.
    The outline plan of a comprehensive and coordinated five-year study of the scientific and engineering aspects of Delaware Bay is presented in this volume. Specifications are provided for many subprojects, while others are simply outlined. The thrust of the study is the production of a crude overall predictive model for the physical and biological aspects of the bay system.
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    Pictorial guide to fish larvae of Delaware Bay, with information and bibliographies useful for the study of fish larvae
    (Newark, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware., 1973) Scotton, Lewis N.; Smith, Robert E.; Smith, Nancy S.; Price, Kent S.; de Sylva, Donald P.
    This volume i.s divided into two parts: The pictorial guide composing the first part includes two large charts which are, in effect, an illustrated table of contents, designed to permit quick identification of larval specimens. Following this, the larval stages of 56 species of marine fishes collected in the Delaware Bay are illustrated serially (from younger to older). The notes for each species discuss adult characteristics, egg and larval development, spawning, distribution and pertinent references. The second part provides information on several aspects of the study of fish larvae, i.e., laboratory identification; preservation and sorting; laboratory rearing and field sampling methods. A bibliography is included for each section: and there is also a bibliography of selected general references on fish eggs and larvae.
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    The biology of the oyster community and its associated fauna in Delaware Bay
    (Newark, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware., 1973) Maurer, Don; Watling, Les
    The purpose of this account is to describe the composition of the associated invertebrate fauna of Delaware Bay oyster beds, and to determine the effect of salinity, substrate, and season on this fauna. The dependence of the number of species in a bed community on maximum salinity is discussed, together with its temporal variability. The associated oyster fauna of Delaware Bay is very similar to estuaries throughout the world and thus this report may have more than local interest.
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    Guide to the macroscopic estuarine and marine invertebrates of the Delaware Bay region
    (Newark, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware., 1973) Watling, Les; Maurer, Don
    This volume represents the first major compilation of invertebrate species for the Delaware Bay region. Included in the volume are: a key to the major kinds of invertebrates in this region; taxonomic listings of over 300 species collected by the authors or referred to in other published papers; keys to these species; lists of species which, because of their known geographic distribution, may be expected to occur in this region; and a comprehensive bibliography of papers dealing with the species listed.
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    Physical oceanography and Chemical oceanography
    (Newark, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware., 1973) Szekielda., Karl-Heinz; Polis, Dennis F.; Kupferman, Stuart L.
    The physical and chemical environment of the bay system is dealt with in this two-part report. Part one provides fundamental information on the morphology, tides, currents, salinity and temperature of Delaware Bay. The spatial and temporal variability of these factors are discussed and most of the available data is summarized. Part two treats the chemistry of the Delaware Estuary. Averaged over a two-year period, data on chloride, chromium, iron, chlorophyll, phenols, oxygen, phosphate, and nitrite are presented and discussed in terms of hydrographic conditions and biochemical reactions.
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    Trace Metal Geochemistry of Estuarine Sediments
    (Newark, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware., 1973) Strom, Richard N.; Bopp III, Frederick; Biggs, Robert B.; Lepple, Frederick K.; Polis, Dennis F.
    This volume consists of three sections. The first part of this volume relates to the general distribution and composition of fine-grained sediments in the bay. In the second section, the relationship between the character of the fine-grained sediments and trace metal levels is developed. The third attempts to evaluate domestic sewage discharge as a source of metals in the estuarine environment.
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    History, Land Ownership, and Laws, Including a Survey of Maps Prior to 1840
    (Newark, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware., 1973) Natural and Historic Resource Associates; Polis, Dennis F.
    Volume 2 addresses itself to three areas of marine affairs vital for an understanding of the bay system. In the first part, the history of the region is discussed, with special emphasis on the role of waterborne transportation in the formation of land-use patterns. The second part delves into land ownership and use in the coastal margin around the bay. The third part reviews the state and federal laws available for the management of the bay.
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    Inventory and Evaluation of Information on Delaware Bay
    (Newark, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware., 1973) University of Delaware, College of Marine Studies.; Polis, Dennis F.
    The volume which the reader has in his hands is designed to provide a starting point for those wishing to become acquainted with the bay. It reviews briefly the present research on the bay, the general availability and quality of data (including maps and aerial photography); technical, research, and advisory groups dealing with the bay; and finally future plans and proposals for the bay region.