Pictorial guide to fish larvae of Delaware Bay, with information and bibliographies useful for the study of fish larvae

This volume i.s divided into two parts: The pictorial guide composing the first part includes two large charts which are, in effect, an illustrated table of contents, designed to permit quick identification of larval specimens. Following this, the larval stages of 56 species of marine fishes collected in the Delaware Bay are illustrated serially (from younger to older). The notes for each species discuss adult characteristics, egg and larval development, spawning, distribution and pertinent references. The second part provides information on several aspects of the study of fish larvae, i.e., laboratory identification; preservation and sorting; laboratory rearing and field sampling methods. A bibliography is included for each section: and there is also a bibliography of selected general references on fish eggs and larvae.
The digital version of the charts are best viewed in Adobe Reader at 50%. Paper copies of the two charts are retained in the pocket at the back of the paper copy of the report.
Fishes -- Larvae -- Pictorial works., Fishes -- Delaware Bay (DE and NJ)