Phylum mollusca : a guide to the mollusca of the Delaware Bay region

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Newark, College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware.
In the spring of 1973, a Guide to the Macroscopic Estuarine and Marine Invertebrates of the Delaware Bay Region was published by the College of Marine Studies, University of Delaware, as Volume 5 of the Delaware Bay Report Series. The purpose of the guide was to facilitate the study of macroscopic estuarine and marine invertebrates of the Delaware Bay region with particular emphasis on benthic organisms. It contained a section on the Phylum Mollusca. Since the guide was published, our ecological studies have considerably increased the collecting areas of the former guide. As a result, we considered this a good opportunity to refine and amend the original version of the Mollusca while including species recently added to our collection.
Mollusks -- Delaware Bay region -- Identification., National Sea Grant Program (U.S.) -- Delaware. University, Newark.