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This collection provides technical reports that analyze, among other things, factors which influence the need and distribution of transportation services, costs and benefits of advanced public transportation systems, travel demand, limitations of regression-based trip generation models, and routing strategies to improve transit service. The reports in this collection also examine maintenance costs and budgets together with the condition of transportation facilities and level of service provided. Others report aggregated data about individuals and the trips they make, the costs and benefits of travel modes, as well as identify actual speeds and travel times on Delaware’s roads. This collection provides valuable performance measures that can be used for transportation operations and planning.

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    Proposed Change in Delivery Format For Traffic Counts
    (Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research, 2021-06-24) Racca, David P.
    Typically, venders have provided Intersection and travel way count data most often in PDF document formats. Geographical information systems (GIS) and network modeling software use data in tabular and database formats. This then requires that PDF documents be restructured to create a format that is more readily used by automated analysis and processing, which is time consuming, and sometimes requires data to be manually input to form database records. A minor change in specification for delivery of traffic count products, involving how locations are referenced and guidelines on organization of traffic count spreadsheets, could be made available, and would introduce minimal, if any, additional work for venders. Online resources can be easily provided to facilitate a much improved, immediate incorporation of traffic count data into GIS and other analysis software. This memo discusses the issue and proposes new formats that may be used by vendors to deliver data in a more usable format, and touches on the importance of traffic movements as a fundamental element of transportation information systems.
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    How Many "Stroad Miles" Does Delaware Have?
    (Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research, 2023-03) Racca, David P.
    This talk will include discussion of the stroad concept, how it might be defined, and the location and extent of stroads in Delaware.
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    Estimating Accessibility to Destinations Offered By Transit
    (Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research, 2022-09-15) Racca, David P.
    There is an increasing need to examine transportation needs and services at the community level. General estimates of transit service such as, “within a quarter mile of a bus stop” do not capture trip characteristics with respect to where people want to go. Using the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS), which captures the current transit schedules, stop to stop travel times were examined and mapped to describe service to local communities.
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    Integration of Traffic and Travel Demand Data in Delaware
    (Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research, 2022-08-31) Racca, David P.
    Transportation performance measures from many sources are integrated using a set of road network and graphic elements locationally referenced to identifiers from standard linear referencing systems. Data from DelDOT Bluetooth sensors, NPMRDS, TMC devices, traffic counts, ATRs, intersection counts, and other data were compiled and integrated. In a similar way, the approach incorporates travel demand modeling estimates and relates them to measures. Such performance measures are always referenced to specific collection dates and times so it is critical for integration that the time dimension of measures and estimates be managed and consolidated. Efforts made to array measures through time of day and season are discussed.
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    Examination of Streetlight Data
    (Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research, 2022-06-15) Racca, David P.
    Web based data analysis sites could have a very large impact on transportation planning and data development. Estimates can be performance data such as volumes and speeds, but also travel demand information since trip estimates going into and out of various land uses can be produced. Streetlight and products like it are very promising and could change the way we get transportation information. The big question is how close to reality estimates might be. An excellent application of the traffic and travel demand data compiled in this project is the evaluation of Streetlight data, where streetlight data can be compared to other measures. A first look at the Streetlight estimates is discussed below.