Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Analysis

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Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research
In research sponsored by the Delaware Center for Transportation and DelDOT, traffic crashes involving injuries to pedestrian or bicyclists between the years of 2012 and 2016 were studied. Tabulations and maps of related factors were produced and reviewed as a starting point and are discussed here and in the body of the report. Data that could be useful to determine pedestrian and bicyclist activity levels were investigated so as to better understand the number of accidents that occur, the relative safety of current locations, the level of interaction between pedestrians, cyclists, and motor vehicles, and what might be appropriate safety measures. Approaches to estimating risk and exposure, and pedestrian activity were researched and available data for Delaware was investigated and related to observed crashes. This report includes numerous maps as an approach to isolating hot spots that could lead to mitigation projects. For instance in the City of Wilmington there are a few street blocks that have more crashes. Mapping can also show where crashes are occurring at a lower rate than expected, and in such areas, further investigation may provide some insight for safety initiatives.
Traffic crashes, Injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists, Pedestrian and bicyclist activity, Accidents, Safety measures