Large Rashba spin splittings in bulk and monolayer of BiAs

There is great interest in developing new materials with Rashba split bands near the Fermi level for spintronics. Using first-principles calculations, we predict BiAs as a semiconductor with large Rashba splitting in bulk and monolayer forms. Bulk BiAs has a layered crystal structure with two atoms in a rhombohedral primitive cell, derived from the structure of the parent Bi and As elemental phases. It is a narrow band gap semiconductor, and it shows a combination of Rashba and Dresselhaus spin splitting with a characteristic spin texture around the L point in the Brillouin zone of the hexagonal conventional unit cell. It has sizable Rashba energies and Rashba coupling constants in the valence and conduction bands at the band edges. The 2D monolayer of BiAs has a much larger band gap at Γ, with a circular spin texture characteristic of a pure Rashba effect. The Rashba energy and Rashba coupling constant of monolayer BiAs are large compared to other known 2D materials and rapidly increase under biaxial tensile strain.
This article was originally published in Physical Review Materials. The version of record is available at: ©2024 American Physical Society
Zubair, Muhammad, Igor Evangelista, Shoaib Khalid, Bharat Medasani, and Anderson Janotti. “Large Rashba Spin Splittings in Bulk and Monolayer of BiAs.” Physical Review Materials 8, no. 5 (May 20, 2024): 054604.