Intramolecular structure and dynamics in computationally designed peptide-based polymers displaying tunable chain stiffness

Sinha, Nairiti J.
Shi, Yi
Kloxin, Christopher J.
Saven, Jeffery G.
Faraone, Antonio
Jensen, Grethe V.
Pochan, Darrin J
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Physical Review Materials
Polymers assembled using computationally designed coiled coil bundlemers display tunable stiffness via control of interbundlemer covalent connectivity as confirmed using small-angle neutron scattering. Neutron spin echo spectroscopy reveals that rigid rod polymers show a decay rate Γ∼Q2 (Q is the scattering vector) expected of straight cylinders. Semirigid polymers assembled using bundlemers linked via 4-armed organic linker show flexible segmental dynamics at mid-Q and Γ∼Q2 behavior at high Q. The results give insight into linker flexibility-dependent interbundlemer dynamics in the hybrid polymers.
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Sinha, Nairiti J., Yi Shi, Yao Tang, Christopher J. Kloxin, Jeffery G. Saven, Antonio Faraone, Grethe V. Jensen, and Darrin J. Pochan. 2021. “Intramolecular Structure and Dynamics in Computationally Designed Peptide-Based Polymers Displaying Tunable Chain Stiffness.” Phys. Rev. Materials 5 (9): 095601.