NPDES and Education on Stormwater Pollution

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Controlling and managing stormwater that runs off roadways―impervious surfaces―into the state’s surface waters are a major part of DelDOT’s responsibilities. As authorized under the Clean Water Act, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) controls water pollution by regulating stormwater that discharges directly into surface waters. New Castle County, DelDOT, and six municipalities—Bellefonte, Delaware City, the Town of Elsmere, the City of Middletown, the City of New Castle, and the City of Wilmington—are Phase I co-permittees for the discharge of stormwater from and through all portions of the municipal separate storm-sewer system (MS4) in New Castle County as authorized under the NPDES and the laws of the State of Delaware. In order to meet the requirements of the NPDES permit, the co-permittees (named above) must meet specific education and outreach requirements outlined in the NPDES permit. This report provides guidance for DelDOT and the co-permittees for achieving the education and outreach requirements of the NPDES permit. It intends to make the education and outreach efforts more effective and meaningful for New Castle County, DelDOT and the six municipalities regulated under the permit.
funded by the Delaware Department of Transportation and the Delaware Center for Transportation
NPDES, non-point source, pollution, education, Delaware, stormwater, pollutants, watershed, transportation, stormdrains, discharges