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The transportation policy collection includes a series of research reports, white papers, and proceedings of public policy forums that have focused on transportation policy and infrastructure issues, including mobility friendly design, interconnectivity, healthy/walkable communities, transit-oriented development, integration of transportation/transit planning and land-use planning, Northeast Corridor transportation policy and infrastructure issues—particularly freight movement, and transit studies—including paratransit, specialized transportation, and bus rapid transit. Visit the IPA website for more information.


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    Local Policies for Electric Vehicle Readiness
    (Institute for Public Administration, 2021-07) Barnes, Philip; Sikora, Vincent
    Local governments in Delaware have a role to play in supporting the ongoing transition to an electric vehicle (EV) future, especially for EV charging stations and infrastructure. Federal and state governments have sizeable policy levers that they can pull to direct transportation systems and markets toward EVs, but so too do municipalities. Indeed, Delaware’s local governments could use their legislative and administrative authority over zoning, parking, signage, and building codes to foster EV-readiness and reap the benefits of the technology, which includes economic development, increased property values, and cleaner local environments.
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    Resources to Support Electric Vehicles in Delaware
    (Institute for Public Administration, 2021-06) Barnes, Philip; Hernandez-Limon, Jorge
    Local governments in Delaware will play a major role in facilitating the transition to electric vehicle (EV) transportation. Fortunately, there are a range of resources—financial, technical, and informational— that are available to assist municipalities in their efforts. This brief outlines these resources.
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    Whiz, Not Bang: Electric Vehicle Technology
    (Institute for Public Administration, 2021-05) Barnes, Philip; Hernandez-Limon, Jorge
    This policy brief explains the difference between electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and hybrid electric vehicles, and standard petrol- and diesel-powered vehicles with an internal combustion engine (ICE).
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    Hosting Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
    (Institute for Public Administration, 2021-04) Barnes, Philip; Sikora, Vincent
    To meet current and future charging capacity demands, local governments and property owners who would like to host EV charging stations can pursue innovative partnerships and create a robust network of EV chargers in Delaware.
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    Delaware’s Automotive Future is Electric
    (Institute for Public Administration, 2021-04) Barnes, Philip; Hernandez-Limon, Jorge
    This policy brief provides insights and recommendations for EV-ready counties, cities, and towns so local officials can begin laying the groundwork for the EV future.