MEMS-actuated terahertz metamaterials driven by phase-transition materials

The non-ionizing and penetrative characteristics of terahertz (THz) radiation have recently led to its adoption across a variety of applications. To effectively utilize THz radiation, modulators with precise control are imperative. While most recent THz modulators manipulate the amplitude, frequency, or phase of incident THz radiation, considerably less progress has been made toward THz polarization modulation. Conventional methods for polarization control suffer from high driving voltages, restricted modulation depth, and narrow band capabilities, which hinder device performance and broader applications. Consequently, an ideal THz modulator that offers high modulation depth along with ease of processing and operation is required. In this paper, we propose and realize a THz metamaterial comprised of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) actuated by the phase-transition material vanadium dioxide (VO2). Simulation and experimental results of the three-dimensional metamaterials show that by leveraging the unique phase-transition attributes of VO2, our THz polarization modulator offers notable advancements over existing designs, including broad operation spectrum, high modulation depth, ease of fabrication, ease of operation condition, and continuous modulation capabilities. These enhanced features make the system a viable candidate for a range of THz applications, including telecommunications, imaging, and radar systems. Graphical Abstract available at:
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metamaterials, MEMS, THz, VO2, phase-transition material
Huang, Z., Wu, W., Herrmann, E. et al. MEMS-actuated terahertz metamaterials driven by phase-transition materials. Front. Optoelectron. 17, 13 (2024).