Limnological Systems Analysis

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The purpose of the report is to present an assessment of the feasibility of applying a Limnological Systems Analysis (LSA) to the water resource problems of the Great Lakes. A methodology that proceeds along two parallel lines in order to evaluate the feasibility of the Limnological Systems Analysis is established. The first line of analysis evaluates the present and future water resource problems and water use interferences with their associated water resource variables. The second line of analysis evaluates presently available data, problem oriented mathematical model, and present state of the art of models and model building which are required for a Limnological Systems Analysis. The two lines of analysis are synthesized into a problem and model ranking of priority from which feasibility recommendation are drawn. In order to illustrate the Limnological Systems Analysis in several problem contexts, a demonstration modeling framework was constructed.
Public health, Great Lakes, Eutrophication, Water quality, Limnological systems analysis, Toxic or harmful substances