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    Disasters and Mental Health: Therapeutic Principles Drawn From Disaster Studies
    (Disaster Research Center, 1996) Fritz, Charles E.
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    The Fire Department in Disaster Operations in the 1960's
    (Disaster Research Center, 1996) Warheit, George J.
    Along with the police department, the fire department in the United States is one community organization typically called upon in a crisis situation such as a natural/technological disaster or a riot/civil disturbance. This report analyzes data from fire department operations in the 1960s, both in disasters and civil disturbances. Thus, whatever is said is most relevant to that time period in American society, although it is probably true that much of what is reported is still applicable at the present time. This report analyzes fire departments in terms of (1) their typical organizational patterns; (2) their disaster-related tasks and activities which are a response to the demands upon them; (3) their organizational adaptation to demand situations, especially those of high intensity; (4) their interorganizational relationships; and (5) their potential involvement and organizational adaptation to a postnuclear attack environment as this was visualized in the 1960s. The local fire department perhaps changes less from its precrisis to its emergency time operations than any other community organization. Fire departments are likely to continue to cope with tasks similar to their preimpact responsibilities. They are organizations that retain a great deal of autonomy both in disasters and civil disturbances since their specialized tasks can seldom be preempted by other groups or agencies. They are organized to deal with crises, for example, by having a reserve force on call at all times, or by having mutual aid pacts with other departments. Also, the extent to which fire organizations can change is limited by state laws and regulatory codes of agencies such as the American Insurance Association.
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    The Reporting Of News In Disaster: A Comparative Study Of Japanese And American Communities
    (Disaster Research Center, 1993) Quarantelli, E. L.; Wenger, Dennis E.; Mikami, Shunji; Hiroi, Osamu