Disruption On The Campuses Of Ohio Colleges And Universities Spring, 1970

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Disaster Research Center
In recent years, and more specifically last spring, attention has focused on what was happening on the campuses of Ohio colleges and universities. This attention, however, has not been on the real accomplishments of these campuses -- in providing an education for hundreds of thousands of students from Ohio, the other 49 states, and from almost every country in the world -- but on campus disruption and destruction. Certainly, the events at Kent State University brought home to Ohioans , as well as people all over the world, the real and the symbolic tragedy of campus disturbances. The aftermath has brought on charges and recriminations, but perhaps less careful reflection as to the meaning of the events. In raising questions about these images, we indicate what we wish to do throughout this report -- to raise questions. In the aftermath of Spring, 1970, many persons have answers and solutions but they are often in response to the wrong questions. We wish to reverse the procedure here. We do not begin with solutions because the first step is to obtain factual information on what actually did happen on Ohio campuses in the spring. In Part I, we will present a summary table which will provide information as to the range and scope of activity which occurred on Ohio campuses in the spring. There is great diversity in what went on. We have chosen illustrations to emphasize that diversity. These are represented by case studies of the activities on several campuses. Since these are descriptive and lengthy, the reader may wish to sample this section (Appendix I) before going on. Understanding what happened in Ohio requires an understanding of the context of student unrest and disruption all over the world, but particularly in the United States. While Ohio is unique, this does not imply that we cannot learn from what is happening elsewhere and by others. (Part 11)
Ohio Colleges, Campus Tensions