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Items housed in this collection are single manuscripts or small collections of documents related to Delaware.


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    MSS 0098, F0112 - Thomas F. Bayard letter to John Otto
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1881-02-12) Bayard, Thomas F. (Thomas Francis), 1828-1898; Otto, John
    Delaware Senator Thomas F. Bayard wrote this handwritten letter to John Otto concerning the difficulty of procuring clerical vests for women on February 12, 1881.
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    MSS 0098, F0111 - Stanley Arthurs papers
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1921-01-01) Arthurs, Stanley Massey, 1877-1950
    Signed Christmas card with original art work by Stanley Arthurs, an autograph letter of appreciation to "Dick," and half of a signed check comprise the collection with dates ranging from 1921 to 1939.
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    MSS 0098, F0110 - Richard Peters letter to Richard McWilliams
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1789-01-01) Peters, Richard, 1704-1776; McWilliam, Richard, Jr.; Peters, Richard, 1704-1776
    Handwritten letter from Provincial Secretary of Pennsylvania Richard Peters to Chief Justice Richard McWilliam asking him to affix a seal to the appointment of Mr. Joseph [Chandler] as Sheriff and to the Governor's Commission in 1789.
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    MSS 0098, F0108 - Caesar Rodney receipts
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1794-01-07) Rodney, Caesar, 1728-1784
    Receipt issued to Continental Congressman from Delaware and signer of the Declaration of Independence Caesar Rodney from Reese Bishop, Joseph B. McKeary, and Isaac Wharton dated from January 7, to January 10, 1794.
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    MSS 0098, F0105 - Robert Marshall Hannum vs. The Wilmington City Railroad company papers
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1901-01-21) Hannum, Robert Marshall; Wilmington City Railroad Company
    Eleven handwritten accident reports, eye witness accounts, and court declarations make up this small collection documenting an accident involving a horse-drawn wagon, driven by Robert Marshall Hannum, and Wilmington City Railroad Co. trolley car no. 15, on February 22, 1901 . Also included is the subsequent lawsuit brought by Mr. Hannum. Documentation includes accident reports completed by the conductor of the car, Adolph Edwards, and by the car’s motorman, William Anseaume, as well as the reports from five individuals who witnessed the accident. An accident report for a separate and unrelated incident, which occurred on February 21, 1901, is also included in the collection. This accident involved a horse and wagon owned by a Miss Price, but driven by an unidentified individual, and Wilmington Railroad Co. car no. 25. This accident report was completed by motorman T. L. Daniels.
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    MSS 0098, F0104 - Emalea Pusey Warner reminiscences of April 15, 1865
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1900-01-01) Warner, Emalea Pusey, 1853-1943; Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865--Assassination
    Brief reminiscence of the day of President Abraham Lincoln's death written by Emalea Pusey Warner, an instrumental spokesperson for the Women's College at the University of Delaware.
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    MSS 0098, F0103 - Christopher Ward letter to H. D. Trevillian
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1932-03-22) Ward, Christopher, 1868-1943
    Reply to H. D. Trevillian's letter requesting Delaware author Christopher Ward's autograph on his copy of The Dutch and Swedes on the Delaware.
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    MSS 0098, F0102 - James C. Saltus letter and manuscript
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1862-01-01) Saltus, James C.
    Confederate Lieutenant James C. Saltus's handwritten manuscript describing his Civil War experience from April-June 1864. The manuscript was written while Saltus was a prisoner of war at Division 22 Officers Barracks, Fort Delaware, on October 14, 1864. Also included is a letter from Saltus to his niece on her letter writing and family matters, sent while he was at Fort Delaware.
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    MSS 0098, F0101 - Bill Frank Delaware political research files
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1957-01-01) Frank, Bill, 1905-1989
    Billk Frank's collection of information and clippings regarding Delaware Senators and U. S. Representatives, particularly James A. Bayard and Thomas McKean. Also included is a letter from Jeffrey Welsh, the Press Secretary for the office of the Governor, concerning Buena Vista, a home that once served as the Governor's mansion.
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    MSS 0098, F0100 - Elbert N. Carvel letter to Freda Ritz
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1951-06-06) Carvel, Elbert Nostrand, 1910-2005
    One typed letter from Delaware Governor Elbert N. Carvel to Freda E. Ritz, thanking her for her letter about the educational program recommended by the Delaware State Educational Association.
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    MSS 0098, F0099 - William P. Bancroft letters to Dr. Alfred D. Sharples
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1914-01-01) Bancroft, William P. (William Poole), 1835-1928
    Four typed letters from noted conservationist, William Poole Bancroft, to Dr. Alfred D. Sharples, and one to Henry Gawthrop, concerning Gawthrop's potential membership in a local, unnamed, organization.
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    MSS 0098, F0098 - Thomas F. Bayard letter to Samuel W. Long
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1927-06-06) Bayard, Thomas F. (Thomas Francis), 1868-1942
    Typed letter from United States Senator Thomas Francis Bayard (D-Delaware) to Samuel W. Long, thanking Long for sending Bayard a copy of an article by Felix Frankfurter, as well as a published article rebutting the original article. The letter also includes a discussion of the primary article, the Massachusetts judicial system, and Bayard's thoughts on its contents.
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    MSS 0098, F0097 - Francis Boardman Crowninshield letters to Ethel du Pont
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1943-11-13) Crowninshield, Francis Boardman, 1869-1950
    Two handwritten letters from Francis Boardman Crowninshield, noted yachtsman and husband to Louise E. du Pont, to Ethel du Pont, one making light of Ethel's driving speed and the other a thank you note for some persimmons from Ethel.
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    MSS 0098, F0096 - Lieutenant Sydney I. Wailes letters to unidentified recipient
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1864-08-24) Wailes, Sydney I.
    Two handwritten letters from Lieutenant Sydney I. Wailes, who served at Fort Delaware during the Civil War, to his friends, describing the day to day activities at the Fort. Typed transcripts of the letters are available in the collection file.
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    MSS 0098, F0095 - William R. Jones papers
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1858-01-01) Jones, William R.
    The papers contain three items related to William R. Jones. Included is a handwritten will (amendment?) for Jones, which provides for the emancipation of his slaves after his death. Also included is a letter from Captain Daniel Woodall to Mrs. Jones, outlining the movements of the Delaware First Regiment from the time they left Norfolk, Virginia, through the Battle of Antietam, and described the type of conditions the troops endured on the march and in battle. A letter from Jones to his wife described his experience as a farmer and merchant during the civil war and his interpretation of the reaction of the citizens of Baltimore to the war.
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    MSS 0098, F0094 - Thomas McKean letter to Caesar Rodney
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1762-10-06) McKean, Thomas, 1734-1817; Rodney, Caesar, 1728-1784
    Letter from Thomas Mckean, Signer of the Constitution from Delaware, President of the Continental Congress, and Governor of Pennsylvania, to Delaware Governor Caesar Rodney, concerning McKean's inability to act as Rodney's lawyer in a legal matter due to McKean's illness.
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    MSS 0098, F0093 - Caesar Rodney letter to Thomas Rodney
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1782-06-14) Rodney, Caesar, 1728-1784; Rodney, Thomas, 1744-1811
    Letter from Caesar Rodney, Governor of Delaware (1778-1781) and Continental Congressman for the state of Delaware, to his brother, Colonel Thomas Rodney, Continental Congressman for the state of Delaware, concerning Caesar's ill health and his desire to return to Delaware.
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    MSS 0098, F0092 - George Read letter to Henry Clark
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1785-07-30) Read, George, 1765-1836
    Handwritten letter from Delaware lawyer and signer of the Constitution, George Read, to Henry Clark, detailing a case involving a deposition over the ownership of a slave from the estate of Hance Hanson.
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    MSS 0098, F0091 - Bringhurst & Co., receipt to Reynell Coates
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1775-01-17) Bringhurst, John, -1795
    A note of exchange between Reynell Coats and John Bringhurst and Co., stating that thirty pounds sterling should be paid to Reynell Coates thirty dates after the date of the note.
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    MSS 0098, F0090 - Thomas Harris petition of divorce
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 1855-10-27) Harris, Thomas
    Petition for divorce between Thomas Harris and M___ Harris, including a summary and testimony of the case.

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