Latin American & Iberian Studies

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The Latin American & Iberian Studies Program offers both a major and a minor designed to prepare undergraduate students for careers as Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese specialists. This interdisciplinary program provides students with comprehensive training in Spanish language and culture as well as Latin American and Peninsular history, politics, geography, anthropology, and Portuguese language. In addition, all students are encouraged to attend a semester or winter session at a site in Latin America, Spain, or Portugal.

Many career opportunities are open to students who major in Latin American & Iberian Studies. Because of their linguistic training and in-depth knowledge of these areas, graduates of the program often find employment in government, including the Foreign Service, international business and banking, and non-governmental organizations that work extensively in Latin America, Spain and Portugal. In addition, graduates are well prepared to pursue advanced degrees either in Latin American or Iberian Studies or in a particular discipline.

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