Water Quality Analysis Simulation Program (WASP)

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A generalized water quality modeling program and a model verification analysis program have been developed that have application to a wide variety of water resource management problems. The Water Quality Analysis Simulation Program, WASP, may be applied to one, two, and three-dimensional water bodies, and models may be structured to include linear and non-linear kinetics. Depending upon the modeling framework the user formulates, the user may choose, via input options, to input constant or time-variable transport and kinetic processes, as well as point and non-point waste discharges. The Model Verification Program, MVP, may be used as an indicator of "goodness of fit" or adequacy of the model as a representation of the real world. To date the water quality modeling program has been applied to over twenty water resource management problems. These applications have included one, two and three dimensional water bodies and a number of different physical, chemical and biologica1 modeling frameworks, such as BOD-DO, eutrophication, and toxic substances.
Water Quality Simulation, WASP, Model Verification