Office Of Water Policy And Technical Guidance On Interpretation And Implementation Of Aquatic Life Metals Criteria

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The implementation of metals criteria is complex due to the site-specific nature of metals toxicity. We have undertaken a number of activities to develop guidance in this area, notably the Interim Metals Guidance, published May 1992, and a public meeting of experts held in Annapolis, MD, in January 1993. This memorandum transmits Office of Water (OW) policy and guidance on the interpretation and implementation of aquatic life criteria for the management of metals and supplements my April 1, 1993, memorandum on the same subject. The issue covers a number of areas including the expression of aquatic life criteria; total maximum daily loads (TMDLs), permits, effluent monitoring, and compliance; and ambient monitoring. The memorandum covers each in turn. Attached to this policy memorandurn are three guidance documents with additional technical details. They are: Guidance Document on Expression of Aquatic Life Criteria as Dissolved Criteria (Attachment #2), Guidance Document on Dynamic Modeling and Translators (Attachment #3), and Guidance Document on Monitoring (Attachment #4). These will be supplemented as additional data become available. (See the schedule in Attachment #I.)
Office Of Water Policy, Technical Guidance, Aquatic Life Metals Criteria