North American Project -- A Study Of U.S. Water Bodies

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The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, an independent international organization for promotion of economic development in member countries is concerned with both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of economic growth. The Environment Committee of OECD is assisted by a number of delegate groups concerned with policy development in specific sectors of the overall environmental problem. One of these groups is the Water Management Sector Group, which in 1971 established a Steering Group on Eutrophication Control to develop a series of cooperative projects for monitoring eulrophication in inland waters. The overall objective of these projects was the achievement of comparability on nutrient budgets, chemical balances, and biological productivity in water bodies.
Lake Weir, Florida, U.S. Water Bodies, Organization For Economic Cooperation And Development, Shagawa Lake, Minnesota, Lake Sallie, Minnesota, Twin Lakes, Ohio, Waldo Lake, Oregon, Cayuga Lake, New York