Non-minimal quartic inflation in supersymmetric SO(10)

Author(s)Leontaris, George K.
Author(s)Okada, Nobuchika
Author(s)Shafi, Qaisar
Ordered AuthorGeorge K. Leontaris, Nobuchika Okada, Qaisar Shafi
UD AuthorShafi, Qaisaren_US
Date Accessioned2018-08-09T13:28:05Z
Date Available2018-08-09T13:28:05Z
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Publication Date2016-12-16
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AbstractWe describe how quartic (λφ4) inflation with non-minimal coupling to gravity is realized in realistic supersymmetric SO(10)models. In a well-motivated example the 16 −16Higgs multiplets, which break SO(10)to SU(5)and yield masses for the right-handed neutrinos, provide the inflaton field φ. Thus, leptogenesis is a natural outcome in this class of SO(10)models. Moreover, the adjoint (45-plet) Higgs also acquires a GUT scale value during inflation so that the monopole problem is evaded. The scalar spectral index nsis in good agreement with the observations and r, the tensor to scalar ratio, is predicted for realistic values of GUT parameters to be of order 10−3–10−2.en_US
DepartmentUniversity of Delaware. Department of Physics and Astronomy. Bartol Research Institute.en_US
CitationLeontaris, George K., Nobuchika Okada, and Qaisar Shafi. "Non-minimal quartic inflation in supersymmetric SO (10)." Physics Letters B 765 (2017): 256-259.en_US
PublisherElsevier Scienceen_US
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dc.sourcePhysics Letters Ben_US
TitleNon-minimal quartic inflation in supersymmetric SO(10)en_US
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