Healthy & Walkable Communities

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This document is intended to serve as a resource for Delaware municipalities wishing to improve the walkability of their towns and, in so doing, the activity levels and health of their residents. In addition to conducting research, IPA staff and students are working with a handful of Delaware towns to identify a study area. Each study area is jointly walked and assessed with regard to its strengths and deficiencies. Phase one of this project will be completed in June 2007, with each municipality having received a written report with suggested implementation items from IPA. Also, potential sources of funding will be identified. During phase two, and possible subsequent phases, the Healthy/Walkable Communities team will offer continued assistance to the initial set of towns and begin the process with new communities.
This paper is a part of a larger project, the University of Delaware’s Healthy/Walkable Communities initiative, which is an ongoing collaboration between the University’s Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Sciences (DHNES) and the Institute for Public Administration (IPA). Funding for this project was provided by the Delaware Department of Public Health through DHNES. The Nemours Foundation also deserves recognition for its input and vision.
walkability, healthy, communities, Delaware, walkable, physical activity