OECD Cooperative Programme On Eutrophication

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The OECD International Programme on Eutrophication has been designed for cross sectional comparison of lakes to provide management with simple tools to evaluate nutrient reduction, particularly phosphorus, necessary to alleviate excessive eutrophication. The scope of the Canadian programme was to test the applicability of the overall OECD results on a set of data not included in the original elaboration with three main objectives in mind: a) clarification of the extent to which lakes of an unspecified nature exhibit statistical properties similar to the OECD lakes b) clarification and identification of the limits of transferability c) identification of conditions which need further evaluation. The Canadian lakes data base represents a collection of formation from personal communication with various workers involved in major limnological projects as well as that contained in the literature. It has been subdivided into seven major geographical regions which are treated separately.
OECD Cooperative Progarmme, Eutrophication, Canadian Contribution, Nutrient Reduction, Canadian Lakes