An Experimental and Modeling Study of the Adsorption and Desorption of Heavy Metals and Organic Chemicals with Applications to Sewage Sludge and Dredged Sediments in the Marine Environment

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The stated purpose of the proposed research was to establish the applicability of the reversible-resistant model of adsorption and desorption of toxic chemicals from dredged material and digested sewage sludge, and to make any necessary changes In the model as dictated by the experimental results. However, while this purpose was ultimately fulfilled, the actual pathway of the investigation was somewhat different from that envisioned in the original proposal and, as will be seen, the role of particle concentration and ultimately kinetics must be included if a clear understanding of the fate of toxic substances in the marine environment is to be attained.
Adsorption of heavy metals, Desorption of heavy metals, Organic chemicals, Sewage sludge, Dredged sediments