Hydrologic Optics. Volume 1. Introduction

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Honolulu : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Environmental Research Laboratories, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
The first chapter in Volume I in a series of six volumes may serve as a self-contained 'short course' on hydrologic optics. Particular attention is directed toward the three simple models for light fields in natural waters. These models constitute the minimal theoretical tools for the field of hydrologic optics. Attention is also directed to the section dealing with practical nomographs for predicting the range of visibility available to underwater swimmers in various natural hydrosols such as harbors, lakes and seas. Also of general interest are the many samples of magnitudes of light fields and optical constants found in natural waters. Chapter 2 is concerned with the scientific language of radiative transfer: geometrical radiometry and provides the radiometric concepts and formulations needed in the applications of the interaction principle to hydrologic optics. (OEIS)
Hydrologic optics, Radiometry, Underwater visibility, Underwater light