Simulation Modeling of Zooplankton and Benthos in Reservoirs: Documentation and Development

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A literature bioengertics review and analysis of published data on zooplankton and menthos bioenergetics form the basis used in this report for the development of stochastic model constructs from the simulation of zooplankton and benthos dynamics in reservoirs. Parameters reviewed and modeled were selected from the mass balance equation: db/dt = b [G (A/G)-R -NPM - PM] where b= biomass (mg carbon), t= time (days), G= consumption of grazing rate (mg carbon*mg carbon^-1*day^-1), R = respiration (mg carbon*mg carbon^-1*day^-1). Mathematical constructs, where appropriate or justified by the available literature, were developed to describe the effects of enviromental components (for example, food, temperature, and oxygen concentration) on rate terms in Equation 1. Frequency distributions of rate coefficients were formed for as many taxonomic or functional categories of aquatic invertebrates as possible. By using carbon units and providing frequency histograms of carbon-nitrogen and carbon-phosphorus ratios, the model can trace the cycling of nitrogen and phosphorus through zooplankton and benthos compartments. An evaluation is presented of strengths and weaknesses in the literature on zooplankton and benthos consumption, assimiliation, respiration, and nonpredatory mortality.
Benthos, Simulation, Reserviors, Zooplankton, Environmental effects, Mathematical models, Stochastic models