1988 Sediment Monitoring Program In The Southern Chesapeake Bay

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Objectives and Data Usage. Studies were undertaken at several stations in the southern Chesapeake Bay in support of the Sediment Data Monitoring Plan for the Time Variable Model. This work followed the consensus plan initially produced by the EPA sediment modelling workshop held on January 4, 1987, and subsequently modified based on discussions held on February 5, 1988 meeting at the Baltimore District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and discussions with officials from the EPN Chesapeake Bay Program, HydroQual, Inc. and other scientists involved in the Chesapeake Bay sediment data collection program. These studies in Southern Chesapeake Bay were undertaken in conjunction with parallel studies in the Northern Chesapeake Bay by W.R. Boyton, W.M. Kemp and coworkers at the University of Maryland, and studies of sediment accumulation rates at all sites by G. Brush (The Johns Hopkins University). Together these data sets will provide information on the sediments of the entire Chesapeake Bay, to be used in the development of the sediment component of the three-dimensional, time-variable model of Chesapeake Bay.
Sediment Monitoring, Southern Chesapeake Bay