Project Report for "Factors That Affect and/or Can Alter Mode Choice"

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Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research
This project uses data about individuals, their characteristics, the trips they make, and the costs and benefits of travel modes, to identify factors that can be used in models for travel mode choice. For use in travel demand forecasting and examination of transit markets, almost all mode choice models are developed using aggregate level data, typically at the level of a traffic zone, such as population totals, mean incomes, average household characteristics, and other summary data. Perhaps the reason for this is that aggregate data is typically more available such as provided by the U.S. Census data. These aggregate models, though they may be useful and have some predictive value for a given area, do not address the choices of individuals or develop a fundamental understanding of travel mode choice as may be indicated by the many conflicting results seen in the literature concerning factors that influence mode choice. This project addresses mode choice using data about individuals.