Surviving While Black: Systemic Racism and Psychological Resilience

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Annual Review of Psychology
This autobiographical essay traces my personal journey from grandson of a slave to a cultural psychologist examining racism. My journey includes growing up in a small Ohio town, training in social psychology, and an academic career that was launched with the publication of Prejudice and Racism in 1972. I weave my personal experiences with my analytical approach to racism that incorporates individual, institutional, and cultural factors that combine to explain systemic racism. The racism analysis is balanced by a narrative of mechanisms that confer resilience and psychological well-being on Black people as they navigate the obstacles of systemic racism. I also explore diversity as a form of psychological and behavioral competence required to live effectively in a diverse world. I conclude that these aspects of human relations can be better understood and addressed with advancement of diversity science.
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race, diversity, racism, resilience, culture, African Americans, autobiography
Jones, James M. “Surviving While Black: Systemic Racism and Psychological Resilience.” Annual Review of Psychology 74, no. 1 (January 18, 2023): 1–25.