Prior Evictions Among People Experiencing Homelessness in Delaware

Metraux, Stephen
Mwangi, Olivia
McGuire, James
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Delaware Journal of Public Health
Eviction is frequently a precursor to homelessness. This is an exploratory study that looks at a group of homeless adults who stayed in Delaware homeless shelters in 2019 and the extent by which their homelessness is preceded by an eviction filing. Specifically, we match records of homeless shelter use with records from a court-based database of eviction filings, both in Delaware, to determine the frequency and correlates of prior eviction among adults staying in Delaware shelter and/or transitional housing facilities in 2019. Results show that 21 percent of the people in the study group had records of eviction filings in the 2-year period prior to initial homeless services use. Recent history of eviction filings was much more prevalent among study group members who were homeless with their children (i.e., with families), who were Black, and/or who were female. These findings are consistent with prior research and demonstrate the potential of interventions designed to mitigate eviction to also reduce homelessness, especially among families with children.
This article was originally published in Delaware Journal of Public Health. The version of record is available at:
Metraux, Stephen, Olivia Mwangi, and James McGuire. “Prior Evictions Among People Experiencing Homelessness in Delaware.” Delaware Journal of Public Health 8, no. 3 (August 2022): 34–38.