Hydrologic Optics. Volume 3. Solutions

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Honolulu : U.S. Dept. of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Environmental Research Laboratories, Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory
This third volume of a set of six volumes of a text on hydrologic optics deals with the theory of light fields and solutions of the equation of transfer. Detailed treatment is given on the subjects of: radiance in transparent media; radiance in absorbing media; Koschmieder’s equation for radiance; canonical representation of polarized radiance; abstract versions of canonical equations; the n-ary radiometric concepts; equation of transfer for n-ary radiant energy; solutions for the n-ary energy equations; properties of time depended n-ary radiant energy fields; dimension-less forms of n-ary radiant energy fields; global approximations of general, radiance fields; light storage phenomena; bases of the spherical harmonic method; abstract spherical harmonic method; classical spherical harmonic method; three approaches to diffusion theory and solutions of the classical and exact diffusion equations.
Diffusion, Polarized radiance, Radiometry, Radiant energy fields, Spherical harmonics, Underwater light