The structural brain network topology of episodic memory

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Episodic memory is supported by a distributed network of brain regions, and this complex network of regions does not operate in isolation. To date, neuroscience research in this area has typically focused on the activation levels in specific regions or pairwise connectivity between such regions. However, research has yet to investigate how the complex interactions of structural brain networks influence episodic memory abilities. We applied graph theory methods to diffusion-based anatomical networks in order to examine the structural architecture of the medial temporal lobe needed to support effective episodic memory functioning. We examined the relationship between performance on tests of verbal and non-verbal episodic memory with node strength, which indexes how well connected a brain region is in the network. Findings mapped onto the Posterior Medial memory system, subserved by the parahippocampal cortex and overlapped with findings of previous studies of episodic memory employing different methodologies. This expands our current understanding by providing independent evidence for the importance of identified regions and suggesting the particular manner in which these regions support episodic memory.
This article was originally published in PLoS ONE. The version of record is available at:
Matyi MA, Spielberg JM (2022) The structural brain network topology of episodic memory. PLoS ONE 17(6): e0270592.