A Study of the Pollution and Natural Purification of the Ohio River

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U.S. Department of Health, Education, & Welfare
The studies presented in this report were made by the United States Public Health Service during the years 1914 and 1915 as part of a comprehensive survey of the pollution and natural purification of the Ohio River, conducted under the supervision of Surg. W.H. Frost. The scope and purposes of this survey as a whole are outlined in a previous publication, to which reference is made for a detailed description of the Ohio River, summaries of its sources of pollution, and measurements of discharge and velocity, also for presentation and discussion of the results of bacteriological examinations and chemical analyses other than those dealing with observations on dissolved oxygen. These latter observations, which are presented in the previous publication only in the form of a basic summary without discussion, are regarded as being sufficiently distinctive in their significance and in the character of analysis required to justify their separate treatment in this supplementary report.
pollution, natural purification, Ohio River