Natural Singularity: An Exploration in Daoist Philosophy and Painting to Represent the Fabric of the Universe

Push, Alexandra
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This body of work, like the world, is the result of an additive process with infinite possibilities. It is a continuous effort to translate abstract ideas into visual images, thus opening an environment of conceptual landscapes beyond the tangible world. The work primarily relates to string theory, Daoist philosophy, and forms found in the natural world. The spiritual half, Daoist philosophy, believes that all beings influence each other, creating an ever-changing balance. String theory, the scientific half, proposes that all matter is composed of the same material: immeasurable vibrating strings. In order to express these ideas, the oil the paintings are built from abstract line, form, and color referencing aspects of nature, movements, as well as the interconnectivity of all things and events. Together these core ideas allow the process and the work to be both spiritual and scientific in nature.