Regulatory Framework for the Transmission of Offshore Wind Energy

Schwartz, Walker H
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Biden School of Public Policy & Administration, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716, USA
There is no current federal or state plan or framework put in place to ensure the proper transmission and interconnection of offshore wind developments to the regional grid systems through utilities in the United States. Electricity transmission of offshore wind to the local grid is of great importance in order to optimize future offshore wind developments. This policy brief will look to identify the regulatory framework for future offshore wind transmission through the assessment of three policy options that are currently utilized by several European countries. Upon analyzing the Transmission System Operator (TSO), Developer, and Third-Party Model this paper will identify a policy recommendation regarding a certain policy framework. In order to analyze this process this brief will also discuss two transmission processes used which include the Radial connection (alternating current system) and Hub connection (direct current system) for transmission. This policy brief will allow for future policymakers to utilize a future oriented frame of mind in order to implement lasting successful policies that will impact the future direction of the offshore wind industry. Without future federal or state plans or framework regarding offshore wind transmission the current administration’s targets will not be met due to the current transmission framework inhibiting development of future offshore wind sites.
Offshore Wind Transmission, Grid Transmission, Energy Transition, Transmission Frameworks, Third-Party Model
Schwartz WH (2022). Regulatory Framework for the Transmission of Offshore Wind Energy. Biden School J. Pub. Pol, 13, 13-18