2001 Volume 2 Number 2



Vol. 2, No. 2, July 2001


This latest issue of DeRLAS looks at three lives of great interest to Latinamericanists--Ignacio Bizarro Ujpán (a pseudonym), Rigoberta Menchú and Eva Perón.

James D. Sexton and Ignacio Bizarro Ujpán have published a series of books based on a diary that Ignacio has been keeping for the last twenty-nine years at Sexton’s request. Those who have read Son of Tecún Umán (1982), Campesino (1985) and Ignacio (1992) understand the terrible insight and immediacy that Ignacio’s diary offers as it presents, among other issues, the violence that pervades the daily lives of the Tzutuhil Mayas of the mid-western highlands of Guatemala. We are proud to have the opportunity to publish this paper which begins with a short history of Sexton’s relationship with Ignacio, then gives us a more personal look at Ignacio’s backgound, and finally identifies and discusses prominent themes in Ignacio’s story.

Our second article is a critique by Jorge Rogachevsky of David Stoll’s scholarly book Rigoberta Menchú and the Story of All Poor Guatemalans followed by a response from Stoll and a rejoinder by Rogachevsky. We believe that the controversy generated by Stoll’s book deserves further exploration of the issues it presents. We would invite readers’ comments and would consider publishing them in further issues should there be sufficient interest.

Our final article is a review of Feminine Stereotypes and Roles in Theory and Practice in Argentina Before and After the First Lady Eva Perón, by Marta Raquel Zabaleta, a very thorough and interesting look at the true impact of the Peróns on women’s issues in Argentina.

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