Column Supported Embankments with Geosynthetic Encased Columns: Parametric Study

Khabbazian, Majid
Meehan, Christopher L.
Kaliakin, Victor N.
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Springer International Publishing AG
Three-dimensional finite element analyses were performed to investigate different factors that affect the behavior of column supported embankments (CSEs) that are constructed using geosynthetic encased columns (GECs) as the deep foundation elements. Analyses were performed to study the influence of the geosynthetic encasement on the behavior of granular columns (GCs) in CSEs. Stress reduction ratios (SRRs) obtained from finite element analyses were compared to those calculated from ten different analytical solutions. Parametric analyses were also carried out to study the effect of variations in the stiffness of the encasement, the area replacement ratio, and the length of the geosynthetic encasement on the performance of CSEs. Finally, the sensitivity of the numerical results, particularly the lateral displacement of GECs, to the constitutive model that was used to simulate the behavior of the granular column material was examined. Numerical results showed that encasing a GC in a CSE not only improves the performance of the CSE but also enhances the behavior of the GC. No agreement was found between the calculated values of the SRR from finite element analyses and those from existing analytical solutions.
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Geosynthetics , Granular column , Geosynthetic encased column , Unit cell , 3D finite element analysis
Khabbazian, M., Meehan, C. L., and Kaliakin, V. N. (2014). \Column Supported Embankments with Geosynthetic Encased Columns: Parametric Study." Transportation Infrastructure Geotechnology, Springer, 1(3-4), 301-325. (doi:10.1007/s40515-014-0010-7)