2002 Volume 3 Number 1

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Vol. 3, No. 1, February 2002


We, the editors of DeRLAS, are proud to be entering our third year of publication with an article from an up-and-coming economist from Costa Rica, Alexánder Castro-Reyes. His article on the bankruptcy of the Banco Anglo Costarricense is an important contribution to the theme, offering new lines of investigation.

Also included in this issue are two reviews of books dealing with important contemporary themes. The first, Femenino plural: la locura, la enfermedad, el cuerpo en las escritoras hispanoamericanas, presents themes that, until recently, have been kept silent and not been the subject of literary investigation. The second, Mexico Madness: Manifesto for a Disenchanted Generation, is an essay, written in the form of a diary, that goes beyond the author’s observations in Chiapas in December 1995, to present “a manifesto against the abuses of global capitalism inspired by the very hopeful Zapatista uprising.”


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