Tidal Marsh Wildlife and their Habitats

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    Fishes and ecological conditions in the shore zone of the Delaware River estuary: with notes on other species collected in deeper water
    (Newark : Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Delaware, 1962-04) De Sylva, Donald P.; Shuster, Carl N.; Kalber, Frederick A.
    Information was collected during the period August 1958-February 1960, concerning the distribution of fishes in the shore zone in relation to the various environments found at sixteen sites within the Delaware River estuary and adjacent areas of the Atlantic coast. Over 54,000 fishes comprising 66 species were collected in the shore zone. Data were occasionally collected concerning the presence of these 66 species in the deeper waters of the estuary as well as the occurrence of 72 species not caught in the beach zone area. Measurements of salinity, temperature, oxygen saturation, and turbidity of the water were taken at the time of fish collection. Observations of tide condition, plant associations, bottom type and associated animals were also made at the collection sites.
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    A biological evaluation of the Delaware River estuary
    (University of Delaware Marine Laboratories, 1959-09) Shuster, Carl N.
    This report deals with the biological productivity of a unit of Nature, the Delaware River estuary. In many respects this estuary and its productivity is similar to that of the several other estuaries along the Atlantic coast of North America, but each, like a person, has its own individual characteristics. This productivity and related biological, chemical, geological, and physical characteristics of the Delaware River estuary are not known fully, yet they are being studied and the descriptions and knowledge obtained each year can be useful to those persons concerned with the best use of our coastal areas.
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    Tidal marsh wildlife and their habitats
    (Newark, Del.: College of Marine Studies and School of Life and Health Sciences, 1977) Daiber, Franklin C.
    The present paper will review various parameters and their interactions that influence marsh animal distributions which in turn influence facets of life histories such as breeding, feeding and behavior. No attempt will be made to be all inclusive, whole groups of animals will not be covered such as the Foraminifera.