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Materials in this collection were created by University of Delaware faculty who received an Open and Affordable Teaching Materials Grant to reduce course costs while providing relevant, up-to-date learning materials for their students. Materials include original as well as remixed open resources. All items included are currently being or have been used as part of the curriculum at the University of Delaware.


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    Writing at Work: Introduction to Professional Writing
    (University of Delaware Library, Museums and Press, 2024-02) McGuire, Meg
    This book explores writing in the workplace by examining theoretical and practical approaches to professional and technical writing. The book chapters focus on knowledge and skills, including writing in digital spaces and how to be an ethically considerate communicator. Each chapter is designed to help students understand what professional writers do on the job. This text also includes discussion on what students can consider about their professional presence as they begin to enter the workplace as writers.
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    Authoring America: A Survey of American Literature from the Beginnings to 2020: An Open Anthology
    (University of Delaware Open and Affordable Teaching Materials Initiative, 2021-10-20) Grogan, Christine
    Authoring America: A Survey of American Literature from Its Beginnings to 2020 is a five-volume, completely-open anthology that features full text by over 100 authors. From Native American tales of origins to the latest poem read at a presidential inauguration, the selections represent the diverse voices in American literature. This anthology charts the development of the literary production in the United States, highlighting the writers who influenced and authored American letters.
See individual items for specific licensing information. While material deposited here is free to be openly shared and reused, in some cases there are specific requirements about how it can be reused or adapted.