Tidal Marsh Ecology and Wildlife

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    Tide marsh ecology and wildlife
    (Newark, Del. : Marine Laboratories, Dept. of Biological Sciences, 1970) Daiber, Franklin C.; Gallagher, John L.; Sullivan, Michael J.
    Research on the ecology of Delaware's tidal salt marshes has focused on nutrient and energy budgets of such areas. The flux of various forms of phosphorus and nitrogen in the water entering and leaving the marshes has been investigated, the role of bacteria in nutrient cycling has been studied and the production of the angiosperms has been estimated. The role of algae in this system has not been previously investigated. In this study some aspects of the algae's role in the nutrient and energy cycles and the ecological factors that influence this role have been measured.
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    Energy utilization in the marsh crab, Sesarma reticulatum, and its relation to cyclic patterns
    (Newark, Del. : College of Marine Studies and Department of Biological Sciences, 1972) Daiber, Franklin C.; Jackewicz, Joan R.
    A study was undertaken to determine the energy utilized by Sesarma in feeding upon Spartina over lunar-monthly periods. Amounts of Spartina ingested and assimilated, in terms of grams dry weight, were found for three groups of crabs. These studies indicate a possible relationship between the quantity (i.e. grams dry weight) and/or quanity (i.e. associated with maturity) of Spartina available to the crabs and the amounts ingested and assimilated. These data, in addition to data from respiration measurements, were combined with information from the literature to construct energy budgets, in terms of caloric values, for the three groups.
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    Tide marsh ecology and wildlife
    (Newark, Del. : College of Marine Studies and Department of Biological Sciences, 1972) Daiber, Franklin C.; Sullivan, Michael J.
    The chief objective of the research is to test the hypothesis that light intensity and nutrients are significant factors in the structure of the edaphic diatom assemblage and in the abundance of edaphic soil algae.
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    Tide marsh ecology and wildlife: salt marsh plants and future coastal salt marshes in relation to animals
    (Newark, Del. : College of Marine Studies and and Department of Biological Studies, 1972) Daiber, Franklin C.