Longwood Graduate Program in Public Horticulture

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The Longwood Graduate Program, now known as the Longwood Fellows Program, is product of a longstanding collaboration between the University of Delaware and Longwood Gardens since its inception in 1957. Formerly a graduate program offering a Master of Science degree in Public Horticulture Administration and later a degree in Public Horticulture, the Fellows Program is now a 13-month program that emphasizes leadership development, contemporary issue exploration, and a comprehensive understanding of public horticulture. Participants engage in domestic and international field placements, spearhead impactful projects, and gain insights from thought leaders spanning diverse professions. Committed to leadership education, the Longwood Fellows Program ensures that each cohort graduates with the skills to make meaningful contributions to the ever-evolving realm of public horticulture. Visit the Longwood Fellows Program website for more information about the program. Discover the scholarly work of graduates of the former Longwood Graduate Program within this UDSpace community.