SUSTAINING THE NEW CASTLE COUNTY AIRPORT PUBLIC IMAGE: Improving public image through beautification, placemaking, and clean water.

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The New Castle County Airport (ILG) has had a spotty history of commercial airline use because residents have a lack of interest in or knowledge of their services. Its recent success with Avelo Airlines has brought more opportunities for physical expansion and market reach. The goals of this project are meant to maximize the airport’s aesthetic value and desirability to travelers, while limiting the negative impact it has on the surrounding environment. This project aims to improve the New Castle County Airport’s public image through beautification, placemaking, and a more conscious collection, treatment, and infiltration of water. Goals - Create a space that provides amenities for travelers. - Reconfigure nearby wetlands to be more attractive to wildlife. - Develop collection strategies that store, treat, and infiltrate stormwater. - Use plantings, form, and topography to increase visual satisfaction, recognition, and circulatory understanding to travelers.
Landscape architecture, New Castle County Airport, New Castle County Delaware, Delaware, New Castle County, Placemaking, Sustainable infrastructure, Wetlands