Child Poverty Policy in Delaware: A Focus on Health and Education

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This policy brief by the Institute for Public Administration was prepared for the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission (the Commission) and begins with an overview of the changing conditions of child poverty that lead to disparities in academic performance and outcomes for students. The analysis then highlights recent state legislation to address the challenges disproportionately faced by low-income families in Delaware. Consistent with the Commission’s mandates, the analysis considers the relationships of poverty, education, and state policy. The conclusions are clear: The condition of child poverty in Delaware has become more acute; poverty remains a dominant force limiting educational achievement; no comprehensive and integrated plan has been developed to address the overall challenges of poverty for Delaware children and families; and the state provides no focused resources for low income students, English language learners, and basic special education, K–3. As the Commission has recommended, Delaware needs to better align existing policies that address poverty, starting with coordination among state agencies that leverage existing resources and assets far more effectively than has been the case.
Poverty, Children, Education, Health