Health Policy Issue Brief 3 - Access to Healthy Foods in the Built Environment

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While the United States boasts one of the most abundant food supplies in the world, disparities in access, affordability, and quality have continued to plague communities and neighborhoods throughout the country. With millions of Americans without access to healthy foods, the alarming rates of obesity and diet-related diseases will continue to increase. However, it has recently been demonstrated through promising programs and policies that the challenges to increasing access to healthy foods in underserved communities can be resolved. Delaware continues to be involved in the discussion surrounding this important issue and by utilizing the resources available in the online Toolkit (, those involved are provided the necessary tools to do so. It is hoped that continuing research on the issue will encourage local, state, and national attention and allow policymakers, community leaders, and advocates to explore solutions that address the role that access to healthy foods plays in promoting healthy economies, healthy communities, and healthy people.