Seeds of Renewal Sprouting Sustainable Communities in Kingsessing’s Vacant Spaces

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Passing through the streets of Philadelphia, its culture is vividly present through the people walking its streets and in some places it also shines through the forms that make up its building typology. Some of the history that has founded these cultures are strengthened and celebrated, while some are abandoned and forgotten. The latter is clearly seen in Southwest of Philadelphia, near Kingsessing. Crumbling buildings, littered dying lawns and masses of vacant lands line its streets. While these lands and structures have been long forgotten, their impact still affects the daily lives of the residents who call it home. This project strives to sprout sustainable communities in vacancy filled neighborhoods by unearthing methods that will Cultivate Community Catalysts, Sow Sustainable Synergy and Boost Biodiversity.
Landscape architecture, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Adaptive reuse, Biodiversity, Kingsessing neighborhood Philadelphia, Vacant lots