The Corporate Garden: An Expression of Philanthropy

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University of Delaware
In the last twenty years, Corporate America has increasingly supported the arts and cultural activities in their respective communities around the country. This generosity is motivated by self-interest and financial incentives in the form of tax deductions. In horticulture, this support is demonstrated by well-developed grounds, public access, and the attitude that gardens and park-like settings enhance the corporate image. Corporations are the modern-day Medici who are building establishments which reflect wealth, prestige, and beauty. These landscapes include gardens which improve the workplace and provide benefits to the community and the corporation. This thesis will examine the factors associated with public gardens at corporate headquarters. A variety of case studies were examined to demonstrate that corporations have the resources and opportunity to patronize the arts, extend their philanthropy, and reflect a positive image in their communities with gardens.
Financial management, Fundraising, Philanthropy, Corporate giving