Sheltering And Housing After Major Community Disasters: Case Studies And General Observations

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Federal Emergency Management Agency
As is true of almost all reports from the Disaster Research Center (DRC), this publication also is a collective product. The overall data analysis and field work for the initial stages of the study was supervised by Barbara Baisden who, however, left after about six months to go back to school to resume her work for her doctoral degree. She also wrote the initial draft of the case study on Grand Island, Nebraska and prepared part of the annotated bibliography. William Marsiglio, a graduate research associate on the study, wrote the initial drafts of the other two case studies, those on Xenia, Ohio and on Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. I thank Baisden and Marsiglio for their work on the study.
Sheltering, Housing, Wilkes Barre Flood, Xenia Cast Study, Grand Island, Nebraska Tornado