Dynamic Rail Overturning: Modelling and Application

The problem of rail overturning, which constitutes one of the many causes of derailments, is of growing concern to the railroad industry. A better understanding of the rail overturning mechanism can prove to be an important step towards the development of safe and adequate railroad track systems. An analytical model for examining the dynamic behavior of rail overturning is developed in Ref. [1]. The mathematical model of the rail track system and dynamic equilibrium utilized to determine the lateral deflection and rotation of the rail subjected to time-dependent lateral and vertical forces and constant axial force. The analysis is based on linear elastic theory.
Railroad track system, Derailment, Dynamic rail overturning
Torkamani, M. A. M., Bhatti, M. H., & Zarembski, A. M., “Dynamic Rail Overturning: Modeling and Application”, Third ASCE/EMD Specialty Conference, Austin, TX, September 1979.