Ag-E MINDSPACE Effect Size Table

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Department of Applied Economics and Statistics, University of Delaware, Newark, DE.
In our recent paper in Environmental & Resource Economics, we recommend that authors report standardized effect sizes when reporting the results of experimental economics studies (Palm-Forster et al., forthcoming). Standardized effect sizes allow readers to compare the magnitudes of estimated treatment effects across different treatments and outcomes. Researchers can also use published effect sizes as priors when conducting ex-ante power analyses. We present a table of standardized effect sizes reported in experimental economics papers that analyze agri-environmental (Ag-E) issues (the table can be found at We use Dolan et al.’s (2012) MINDSPACE framework to classify behavioral nudges into nine categories, all of which can influence the behavior of agricultural producers: messengers, incentives, norms, defaults, salience, priming, affect, commitment, and ego. We refer readers to our paper for more information about this body of literature ( Our paper also describes key methodological challenges and recommendations for experimental agri-environmental research.
The Ag-E MINDSPACE papers included in this table are published studies that: (1) test one or more behavioral nudge(s) on producer decision-making, (2) are motivated by an agri-environmental challenge or program, (3) have economic content or consequences, and (4) employ an experimental design in which the measured behavioral outcomes correspond with revealed, rather than stated, behaviors. Due to the limited number of Ag-E MINDSPACE papers, we also include effect sizes for selected papers reporting behavioral insights that can inform agri-environmental research and program design. Instructions to submit new or updated effect sizes: Periodically, we will update this table to include recently published effect sizes. If you would like to submit a paper for consideration, please email Leah Palm-Forster with the Center for Experimental & Applied Economics at the University of Delaware ( Please keep in mind that papers must meet the four criteria listed above to be included as an Ag-E MINDSPACE paper.